Saturday, August 30, 2014

Black, White and Gray

I look forward to weekends not only because I get to spend more quality bonding with my kid, but also because I get to wear anything I want without restrictions nor fear of violating the so called office decorum. (Although at times I find my name on the list of violators.)

This is supposed to be a dressdown outfit but i thought, why not take it a notch higher by pairing my black high waisted shorts with a blazer. Its not too much nor over the top, but certainly one of a turner.

(blazer, gray shirt and shoes from Zara; shorts from Mango)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fashionably Distressed

I'm totally digging this pair of light distressed jeans. Distressed, destroyed or ripped jeans have actually been around for quite some time already but are now back in the limelight. While distressed refers to things intentionally unkempt and unglamourized, distressed jeans do not mean it can't lend itself to a polished look. Not to the fashion conscious! Not to us, right? LOL
While distressed is fashion with a worn out rugged look, one could still manage to look uber-chic when a subtly ripped jeans is paired with a crisp white oversized (or not) blazer, a sheer white top, and a pair of white stilettos. 
You may want to work your creativity and wild imagination and pair your ripped jeans instead with a silky top or a sporty crop top, a sexy black pumps or a classic converse, a chained bag for a more feminine look or a rugged back pack, hair may be up or down, and of course, lashings of attitude :)

Distressed jeans are indeed a welcome return. No need to buy those expensive ones now on window displays at the moment. Your old pair of jeans (skinny or not) could be just the one you need. Create your own DIY ripped jeans based on your personal choice. You may decide on the extent of the “rips”. There are those which are savagely ripped, that is, if you want to put much (your legs out) on display. Some, not as much or just subtly, getting the same look and still managing to put her best foot forward. 
Mango jeans, blazer and shirt; Janeo shoes

Get the picture of effortless cool... so edgy... the very now... the skinny distressed jeans... get it while it lasts.