Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Something Borrowed

Dress in style without placing a dent on your budget. It's possible! It's called recycling, or more aptly, hand me down. I know what you're thinking but you're wrong. The clothes I am wearing on my post (particularly the top and shoes) aren't from my sister nor my mom's. I have been blessed by hand me downs from no less than my 10-year old son! Yup yup!

Whenever I go clothes shopping, I buy items that could go in transition from being his favorite to mine if I can. Choosing clothes which could go a long haul gives me more of my money's worth. Whenever possible, I buy shirts for him that are in color shade which will look good on both of us. The fit has never been a problem because Luis' big physique complements my current size which is leaning towards... you know LOL. His shoe size though becomes a problem at times. Although I can still walk in some of his shoes, I don't push it much especially when I look like a clown in them.

Checkered top by F21; Personalized slip-ons by Sei-Bellissima 

Stretch the value of your money. Extend the life of your children's clothes. Be stylish while you're on it.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Black, White and Gray

I look forward to weekends not only because I get to spend more quality bonding with my kid, but also because I get to wear anything I want without restrictions nor fear of violating the so called office decorum. (Although at times I find my name on the list of violators.)

This is supposed to be a dressdown outfit but i thought, why not take it a notch higher by pairing my black high waisted shorts with a blazer. Its not too much nor over the top, but certainly one of a turner.

(blazer, gray shirt and shoes from Zara; shorts from Mango)